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Driver Finder fixed my sound driver!

"I recently had an issue with my sound card not working - I couldn't hear anything out of my speakers and we weren't sure what the issue was. We were about to pay an expensive repair company over $100 to fix the issue but then we found Driver Finder. After running their quick and easy scan my sound driver was working within minutes! Thanks Driver Finder!!!"

James from Atlanta, GA

I Had 47 Driver Out of Date!

"My computer was running so slow. I found Driver Finder while searching around YouTube and figured what the heck, let's see what happens. I downloaded and ran the scan and realized I had 47 drivers out of date... Within minutes I had all the drivers UPDATED and my computer was running MUCH faster. I'd say at least 200% faster than it was. Driver Finder SAVED my computer!"

Alice from New York

Fixed My Video Card and Made My Computer FAST!

"My video card was having a lot of issues during games and movies. The framerate was horrible and I had no idea why. I downloaded Driver Finder and it said I had over 30 drivers out of date, including my video card. I allowed it to update my drivers, restarted my computer and it was like magic, my games and movies were running WAY BETTER and my computer was zipping around much faster. It seemed some of my drivers hadn't been updated in over 4 years, Driver Finder found the latest versions and did all the hard work! Thanks Driver Finder!!!"

Jack S., PA

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